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A Taste of Original Thinking - The Six Competencies to Thrive by

A Taste of Original Thinking - The Six Competencies to Thrive by

July 10, 2020

Once clients and colleagues have spent enough time with VAST content and techniques, they see the world a bit differently than most. They possess a respected sense of calm and confidence despite the challenges that life brings to them. We have built VAST around a simple premise, WHAT I DO MATTERSĀ® This is exponentially true when it comes to generating a quality of business or life that honors, nourishes and delights you. The VAST Core Competencies are the engine that drives these results.

In this VAST Taste of Original Thinking Podcast, The Six Competencies to Thrive By, we explore:

  • How employing these Competencies Opens Your Mind to New Possibilities and Taps Your Personal Potential.
  • Learn how to amplify your professional leadership, personal effectiveness, and spiritual growth with this kindhearted and holographic model
  • See how linking the six competencies, aka, puzzle pieces craft a life steeped in authenticity, optimism, and resilience.
  • Discover how following their trajectory can gently generate a level of personal confidence previously unimagined
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