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Sound and Light Episode 4 - Fast Forward

Sound and Light Episode 4 - Fast Forward

October 25, 2021

Sound and Light is an animated, unscripted dialogue with Jim Cohen and Michelle Sherman, as they recount the impact that music has made on their lives, from the ’50’s to today. 

Join Jim and Michelle as they fast forward to the music of today and how it continues to influence their lives.  They reflect on symphonic music, rock and roll, rock stars past and present and the powerful magic of music as a universal harmonizer.

  • The imagination and math of music
  • Transcendence, and the power of community
  • Music as magic incarnate


Jim Cohen is an accomplished innovation design strategist, trusted advisor, mentor, and transformation sherpa. He has the soul of an artist, the mind of a business leader and the heart of a guru.

For more about Jim visit 


Michelle Sherman is a renaissance woman, international business strategist, Inspirational speaker, published author, transformational coach, leadership mentor, citizen diplomat and visionary pioneer.

For more information about Michelle visit


The Gift within the Darkness - Guest Interview with Joseph Robinson

The Gift within the Darkness - Guest Interview with Joseph Robinson

August 1, 2020

Join Michelle as she enjoys the poetic musings of Joseph Robinson as they delve into the dark moments and priceless jewels found within his hero’s quest towards authentic living as a kindhearted man, businessperson, family member and spiritual companion. Hear of his passion, wisdom and courage through the lens of his Inaugural Anthology - Laying Bare Bones.


Join Joseph and Michelle to as they explore via his poetry:

  • How nature has guided Joseph’s passionate journey to peace and calm
  • How to navigate the discomforts of vulnerability
  • What gifts are available in the moments of doubt, sadness or pain
Self-Love in the Age of Martyrs -  Guest Interview with Seth Pearson

Self-Love in the Age of Martyrs - Guest Interview with Seth Pearson

June 20, 2020

Learn how a technologist, healer and change agent found that learning to love himself was the answer he had been passionately seeking.

Michelle creative director VAST Institute interviews Seth to hear about his heroic journey to self love

  • Learn why sacrifice and people-pleasing is an outdated paradigm
  • Hear how Seth addressed and healed his version of culturally toxic masculinity
  • Discover tools to expand your authenticity and self-love with ease

Learn more about Seth's work.

Office Hours - Generosity

Office Hours - Generosity

February 9, 2020

Connect with our global VAST community to share insights and get your questions answered in a dynamic, 45-minute online discussion about life, love and professional intensity.

Learn Vast techniques to gracefully navigate the currents and areas of challenge in your life. Log on every second Wednesday of the month to learn authenticity, leadership and relationship skills that create positive outcomes and build encouraging communities.

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