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A Taste of Original Thinking - Sparking Positive Consciousness

A Taste of Original Thinking - Sparking Positive Consciousness

April 3, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people self- sabotage while others hit the ball over the fence? Have you ever wanted to help solve HUGE human problems in a wise and illuminated manner? Then VAST Consciousness Studies are for you!

Consciousness is the prism through which our individual and collective presence shines. It is the filter for how we each see the world we experience. It informs and dictates our daily choices. Becoming intentional with it affords great power.

Join Michelle Sherman, Founder and Creative Director to explore how a working knowledge of Human Consciousness, and its application to daily challenges, improves your experience of life, reduces relationship confusion and helps to heal the world. Especially helpful for those seeking illuminated approaches to boost their mindfulness, leadership and healing practice.

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