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Leading Your Team During Times of Crisis and Transition

Leading Your Team During Times of Crisis and Transition

December 29, 2020

Leading Your Team During Times of Crisis and Transition is part of the Don Graf bundle on Retaining and Developing Talent offered by the VAST Institute that explores the essential skills and benefits of applying Socially Intelligent Leadership skills to the art of guiding your team through times treacherous waters of crisis and market change. This episode provides guidance for those actively managing the people side of the equation in developing effective teams poised to achieve the best possible outcomes.

While many current project management training programs provide the traditional mechanics of managing the aspects of scope, schedule and budget, this VAST Learning Series boosts your ability to lead by managing interpersonal relationships judicially and empathetically for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Thought Leader Don Graf provides a finely-honed blueprint for leading a collaborative team aligned to achieving your project vision. In addition to traditional project management skills, this series will provide insights into what soft skills you and your organization need to enhance your project management proficiency.

In this Socially Intelligent Project Management Series you will learn how to create a project environment where:

  • Members who are eager to solve your toughest problems and do their best work
  • Unique, diverse talent pools both virtual and real-time are optimized for outcomes and profit
  • Motivating your teams to perform to scope, schedule and budget, the holy trinity of PM is addressed and sustained.
  • You identify client and project challenges before they become explosive
  • New competencies learned
    • Socially Intelligent Leadership
    • Self-Wisdom
    • Positive Imagination
    • Healthy Relationships
Learn how to take Personal Responsibility for your Actions

Learn how to take Personal Responsibility for your Actions

June 5, 2020

We have built VAST around a simple premise, WHAT I DO MATTERSĀ®
This tagline reflects a commitment to personal responsibility as an empowering point of view. It guides each of us to take responsibility for the life we create and the impact we have on those around us. By acknowledging this, we can intentionally amplify our success and influence in the world. Your presence and contribution to the world matters, expand it!

In this VAST Taste of Original Thinking Podcast, Personal Responsibility, we explore:

  • What is an improver and what are their motives?
  • The power of your word and keeping it
  • Blame as a tactic meant to distract you
  • The qualities that support or diminish your impact in the world
  • Addressing blamers with compassion and greater self confidence
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