VAST Institute Podcast

Leading from the Empathy Edge

January 5, 2022

Join Michelle and Maria Ross, author of The Empathy Edge, as we explore the whole unvarnished truth about the role  empathy plays in the business realm.

Discover Maria’s motive for her extensive research into the business case for creating empathetic cultures. Hear her lessons and scientifically based approach to what she learned.

“Cultures driven by competition or ones that induce action through fear can never truly innovate.” (Maria Ross) …and as we all know the name of the game today is innovation.

You will learn:

  • What is empathy in a business context? What is it NOT? (myths)
  • The role of presence and curiosity in leadership.
  • Is empathy an effective strategy for leaders and brands?
  • How can I begin today to bring key elements of empathy into my work environment and team?

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