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Sound and Light Episode 4 - Fast Forward

October 25, 2021

Sound and Light is an animated, unscripted dialogue with Jim Cohen and Michelle Sherman, as they recount the impact that music has made on their lives, from the ’50’s to today. 

Join Jim and Michelle as they fast forward to the music of today and how it continues to influence their lives.  They reflect on symphonic music, rock and roll, rock stars past and present and the powerful magic of music as a universal harmonizer.

  • The imagination and math of music
  • Transcendence, and the power of community
  • Music as magic incarnate


Jim Cohen is an accomplished innovation design strategist, trusted advisor, mentor, and transformation sherpa. He has the soul of an artist, the mind of a business leader and the heart of a guru.

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Michelle Sherman is a renaissance woman, international business strategist, Inspirational speaker, published author, transformational coach, leadership mentor, citizen diplomat and visionary pioneer.

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